The thing about french fries…

I love french fries. I mean I really LOVE french fries. Belgian frites. Yuca fries. Sweet potato shoestrings. Seasoned. Waffle cut. Smothered in chili. Oozing with cheese. Tossed in truffle oil. They are all mouthwateringly good. But…there’s always a “but,” isn’t there? No matter the vegetable, seasoning, topper or dipping sauce, a soggy fry diminishes the experience for me. I want a crispy, golden fried treat that can not only deliver that delicious bit of starchy flavor, but also the perfect toothsome crunch. And folks, this texture is only found during a short window after those precious nuggets have taken a deep dive into a hot oil bath.

However, when it comes to some baked goods, time is our tastebuds’ ally.

Let’s take the classic chocolate chip cookie. Most of us have had one at some point in our life. And who of us hasn’t fantasized about that ooey gooey meltiness hot out of the oven? I know I have…and still do on occasion. However, take a moment and reflect on the difference between that straight-from-the-oven cookie and the one eaten an hour later or even a day later. Flavor profiles change. Textures change. And thus, our experience changes. Direct from the oven, our tongues are coated with luscious melted chocolate and the soft cookie wilts in our hands. But, wait a day and that same cookie becomes something crispy, chewy and complex. The buttery, brown sugar based dough is so much more than simply a vehicle to deliver chocolate into our salivating mouths. We are able to appreciate the rich caramel-like flavor which compliments the chocolate and nuts carefully baked within. Now THAT is a cookie — when texture and taste work together to reach their full potential.

So in this instance, “good things come to those who wait.”


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