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Cheese Or Chocolate? Both!

Wait – what? We love cheese, right?  And who doesn’t love chocolate? But together? That sounds a little strange. 

Maybe not.

After all, haven’t cheese and chocolate been served side by side as part of dessert combinations already? Sure, but now it looks as if a new trend in food this year may just be dessert items that combine cheese and chocolate.  Not simply the chocolate, cheese and fruit plate served after a meal in Europe or fine dining establishments, or even cheesecake.  Have you ever considered port and stilton truffles?    A recent Daily Mail article suggests not only that, but also things like  roquefort doughnuts and goat cheese ganache.

Flavor combinations that British chefs have been experimenting with may sound odd, but they’re actually scientifically proven to work. Experimental molecular gastronomists have discovered that chocolate and blue cheese share multiple flavor compounds. British chef Heston Blumenthal created the molten chocolate and blue cheesecake and was one of the first in the UK to pair the two.



A pairing of mascarpone or ricotta and dark or milk chocolate, are rounded out with fruit to create an amazingly sweet & savory panini.

Grilled cheese with chocolate and strawberries

 courtesy of: eat boutique.com

Heston has been joined by fellow noted UK chef Paul Young in introducing the trend as well as award winning London restauranteur and French chef Pascal Aussignac.

So it looks like cream cheese, brie, mascarpone and ricotta are not the only cheese that pair well with chocolate. Stronger cheeses like gorgonzola, roquefort, blue and stilton complement chocolate because their dairy properties are so closely related.  Flavor notes in good chocolate, like those from berries, dried fruits and caramels are natural compliments to cheese.

So is this trend likely to cross the pond anytime soon?  I couldn’t find any evidence of it anywhere on the web.

What do you think? Would you tuck into a truffle filled with goat cheese? (I would. Anything involving goat cheese is A.OK in my book!) What about a gorgonzola drenched in ganache?  What kinds of chocolate/cheese pairings would you like to see and taste?  Let us know!