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Lenny is NYC’s Top Dog of 2013!

“Thank you Lenny for all you do for our dog community. Wonderful pug group and great job on your fundraising!” – Ada Nieves, Co-chair of the New York Pet Fashion Show

We had No, let’s be honest. I had been looking forward to a rare fancy night out at the New York Pet Fashion Show since November 2012 when Lenny was asked to participate in the Vendor Runway portion of the event. When I learned that this year’s event beneficiary was one of our favorite NYC shelters, Animal Haven, I knew we had to do it! However, at the time there was a small hiccup. We were hoping to have our new shop open around that time and I wasn’t sure if we would be able to make it. And then fate took hold and our shop opening hit a few road bumps so on New Year’s Eve I messaged Ada to ask if Lenny’s spot was still available. To my delight, it was!

Lenny the Pug by Andy Bautista at Sacred Tattoo NYC

I chose a gorgeous vintage Betsey Johnson dress to wear. No, I didn’t buy it from a trendy vintage shop in the Village. I have just hung onto it long enough that it, along with much of my wardrobe, is now considered vintage. Hmmm…maybe I’m vintage now, too. But, I digress… Back to the dress! It was perfect! Its tiny spaghetti straps and low back would show off the gorgeous tattoo work by Jon Mesa across my back, shoulder and arm, while the asymmetrical hemline would allow me to proudly show off my latest, and okay let’s just agree its my greatest, tattoo of a smiling Lenny by Andy Bautista on my thigh. Have I mentioned how much I hate promoting myself, but LOVE promoting others?

Once I had chosen something appropriate to wear that wouldn’t embarrass Lenny while he mingled with his peers, it was his turn. He, of course, eschewed the evening’s theme (The Roaring 20’s)  as well as all social guidelines and decided he would go au natural. That’s right. The pug was going to attend the party NAKED! Oh the horror! LOL! While many folks know the pug has a fabulous winter wardrobe envied even by HUMANS, it has always been important to me to allow him to be a pug first and foremost. The event was being held on the top floor ballroom of the Pennsylvania Hotel — no need for protection from inclement weather indoors. So, run nekkid little pug! Run nekkid!

With our attire chosen, we had five weeks to relax while event organizers scrambled to pull everything together. If you’ve ever organized a public event in NYC, you know how many CASES of wine those organizers probably went through calming their nerves. I have…and can make an educated guess.

Anyway, on January 28 I received a message from Ada Nieves, Co-chair of the New York Pet Fashion Show:

“We would like to present a formal invitation to the New York Pet Fashion Show on Feb 8 at the Pennsylvania Hotel. Lenny has been nominated for an award. Please confirm attendance. Thank you!”

WHAT?!?! I wondered to myself, “What in the world has the little pug been doing when I’m not around? Obviously its been positive because he’s won an award!” I was so proud of my little pug.

With the news of a mysterious award, my excitement grew! And then after weeks of anticipation…

Really? What’s up with naming a winter storm?

Winter storm Nemo. Stupid blizzard.

I considered every possible option of transporting the little pug to the event. Car service. Too expensive and would take a miracle to get a car in the storm. Subway. MTA warned of suspended service and our home stop is above ground — surely it would be shut down. Walking. One hundred sixty-seven blocks south in dropping temperatures and blizzard conditions carrying a 17 lb pug. Absolutely not. There just didn’t seem to be a truly safe method of transportation for us. And so after months of looking forward to a night out, I made the heartbreaking decision that we would not attend. I would not wear my dress. Lenny would not frolic naked in a fancy ballroom. And most crushing, the little pug would not be able to accept his award — which I could only assume was for “Frito-iest Feet”.

That decision, however difficult, ranked low on my chart of difficult decisions throughout Lenny’s life thus far. He wasn’t having a limb amputated. He wasn’t being put under anesthesia. It wouldn’t bring on a seizure. He didn’t know or care that he was going to miss a party. Nor did he know or care that he was supposed to accept an award that evening. He knew that home was safe and warm and cared that his dinner would be in his bowl.

So we stayed home listening to the wind, watching the snow fall like magic and Lenny ate his dinner from his bowl. The little pug was happy…and so was I.

Morning after Nemo walk in show up to his chin.

This morning Lenny and I woke to a snow covered wonderland. Gorgeous, but definitely not suited for Lenny as the little pug slid down the steps of our front stoop and stood frozen waiting for me to pick him up and carry him to the sidewalk where a narrow path had been created by human footprints. I rarely carry my phone with me when walking Lenny, but this morning I took it along to take photos of our snowyneighborhood and I’m glad I did. A simple message arrived from Ada while we walked:

“Congrats NYC Top Dog of 2013!!!!!!

WHAT?!?!? It must be a mistake. The message must have been truncated and Ada meant to send me the list of last evening’s award winners. I messaged Ada back to inquire and then I started to cry. As the tears froze on my cheeks, I was overwhelmed by the possibility that Lenny had actually been named the NYC Top Dog of 2013. I have said it thousands of times and will say it thousands more during Lenny’s lifetime. The little pug is my northern star ever directing me to all that’s good and decent in the world. He reminds me daily of what is truly important.

When we returned home, and Lenny had his post-walk cookie, I messaged my dear friend, Gail, who had volunteered with Animal Haven at last night’s evening and graciously accepted Lenny’s award in our absence, to confirm. Her answer? Lenny had indeed received the award for NYC’s Top Dog 2013 (almost a unanimous vote, according to Ada a few minutes later)! Gail had his award and a goody bag in hand. I was beside myself. Stunned. Honored. Humbled. And crying again.

Thank you Ada, Gregg Oehler (President/CEO, New York Pet Fashion Show), Richard Cordero (Vice President, New York Pet Fashion Show), Dana Humphrey (PR & Marketing Consultant, New York Pet Fashion Show), Gail, Animal Haven staff & volunteers, everyone on the committee who voted for Lenny, and last but absolutely not least, the amazing NYC animal community!

I’ve never sought out accolades or expected recognition for anything Lenny and I have done. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a part of the incredible animal community here in NYC. I will proudly display Lenny’s award at our new shop when it opens this Spring as a daily reminder to myself, our staff and everyone who stops in, that we all have the power to do good every day. We simply must choose to do it.

Our little Lenny was nominated for an award!

I’m a horrible PR person. No, I am horrible at promoting myself. I take great pleasure in promoting others, but it makes me feel like a braggard to speak about myself and I believe actions speak decibels louder than words anyway. So, when I was recently notified that Lenny had been nominated for an award to be presented at the New York Pet Fashion Show this Friday, February 8, 2013, I was beside myself. What had the little pug been up to when I wasn’t around? Obviously, someone out there had deemed it award-worthy.

Lenny has been my north star pointing me in the direction of all that’s good and decent in the world for nearly eight years. He reminds me daily of what is truly important and keeps me honest to the nth degree. And while he won’t understand what he’s done to warrant an award, I will be the proudest mom around knowing that he has touched and inspired others as he has me.

Event organizers wouldn’t divulge what award Lenny will be receiving, so if you happen to be in NYC this weekend and think spending the evening with a room full of animal enthusiasts is an AWESOME way to spend a Friday night, we’d love you to join us! Surprises are good, right?


PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 24, 2013 – We invite you to the Event of the Season and A Celebration Of Love for Animal Rescue, which features a Roaring 20’s theme and a superb evening. Bring your dog and don your Roaring 20’s outfit and enjoy three amazing runway fashion shows by renowned fashion designer & our Creative Director Ada Nieves, plus many other Top National Pet designers from across the country.

Come see the world’s most famous dog “Lassie” on the runway in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Lassie in TV,books & film.

–  (2) Animal Haven Shelter dogs walk the runway looking for “Forever Homes” after they’ve been made over by celebrity groomer Jorge Bendersky
– Also walking the runway are Shanna Olson – Ms California  2013
– Richard Pryor Jr.
– Justin Silver from the CBS “Dogs In The City”
– Nency Escamilla Ms. New York 2011 – Harrison Forbes celebrity pet expert and many more to come
This is an Animal Rescue Benefit for Animal Haven Shelter of NYC, and a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit this fine organization. www.AnimalHavenShelter.org

Some say that New York City is the Capital of the world. Whether it’s Media, Fashion, or Finance, one thing is certain — New York City is the Dog Capital of the world.

Cover the event, spread the word and “Help Save Animals Lives” Come see some adoptable Animal Haven Shelter dogs on the runway.

This event is being filmed for TV, and features three special runway shows:
* Roaring 20’s Best in Show Costume Contest”,
* 50 Shades Of Love Romantic Runway Show”, and our Special
* Gold Paw Sponsor Runway Show”.
Cocktails, Food, Music, and vendors selling some of the best and coolest pet products in the market today, and many more surprises.

Media:To cover the event please provide your complete contact information and we will place you on our VIP Media guest list
When: February 8th, 6PM-11PM www.nypetfashionshow.com
Where:The Hotel Pennsylvania-

Penn Top Ballroom (18th Floor)
Address: 401 Seventh Ave, 33rd St, New York, NY. 10001
Tickets:$35 In advance ($45 at the door)Come and Enjoy this Fabulous Event Featuring:* Roaring 20’s Best in Show Costume Contest- a few spots remain
* 50 Shades Of Love Romantic Runway Show
* Gold Paw Sponsor Runway Show
* Bring cash, Credit Cards, Checks to support Animal Haven Shelter and Vendors
* Human & Canine Celebrities! A real Prince on the Runway
* The legendary Lassie walking the runway
* Complimentary Food & Cash bar, Complimentary VIP Gift Bags 



Holiday hugs from my heart to yours…

For weeks I’ve been mentally and verbally penning a holiday message to send out to all my family, friends and fans. But just now a dear friend posted a picture of her beloved (human) partner on my Facebook page. There he is, Mr. “Banshee Mandolin,” this insanely talented musician and author, grinning puckishly as he snacks on his 18 year old rescue pug, Louis Migitsu Cannonball Dupree’s Alecia Bakery NYC “Canine Cookie Jar” Pumpkin Biscotti! Suddenly, I knew exactly what to say.

It is a simple message full of genuine thanks, honest appreciation and true love from every corner of my heart.

Conventional or unconventional. Raucous or serene. People wall-to-wall or with one adoring friend or furkid. It does not matter how or what you celebrate. What is most important is that you are loved and appreciated by someone today and every day of the year — even if that someone is a crazy little baker in NYC and her adorable tripod pug.

It is with a full heart that I thank each and every one of you for your support and friendship this year. I am a better person for it and continue to grow because of it.

Now go hug someone and share a cookie!

With holiday hugs,

Lin & Lenny the Pug

I’m a “New York poochie mama” and proud of it!

I’m a relatively introverted gal. Aside from a brief stint as a representative for Jet Blue’s pet friendly airways and a few random animal charity modeling gigs, I prefer working behind the scenes. Thus, for years folks have recognized Lenny on the street, but never identified me as being his “mom.” I was just a nameless face walking the famous little black tripod pug. But, this Mother’s Day I was proud to show my face.

“New York Post,” Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our sincerest thanks to our friend and talented photographer, Shaina Fishman, for capturing the moment perfectly! Be sure to check Shaina out of Facebook and on the web!









The Wisdom of Lenny

I have a confession. I am not a good blogger. While I was once a prolific memoir writer, my words seem to get stuck in my head these days. Or rather, they play out in my head and then once they’ve been heard (by me, of course, as I do not, I repeat I DO NOT! hear voices in my head…yeah) I lose any desire to repeat them in any way shape or form. The inspired moment seems to have passed and I am on to the next.

So that, my friends, is my lame excuse for having failed in my personal goal to write a blog entry once a week. Okay, it also threw a wrench into things when more folks discovered our delicious goodies and we signed more wholesale accounts thus preventing me from sitting quietly with my thoughts at the computer as often as I’d planned. Either way, I have fallen short of my hopes to purge my usually random, silly and sometimes strange thoughts, into the blogosphere.

Therefore, please allow me to summarize the past three holiday-laden months. The Thanksgivings and Christmases of my youth are long gone. My family has expanded and moved and I no longer join those who remain in the Midwest for the holidays. I haven’t decorated my home or bought a tree in a couple years despite having a collection of multicolor twinkle lights and ornaments larger than a single gal in the city should own. And the celebrations tend to be simply a plate of food shared between Lenny and I while we watch sappy rom-com movies or “Bones” re-runs. New Year’s Eve leaves me feeling a lot like the tourist dreamily peering through the twinkle-lit windows of Tavern on the Green during its heyday. And I always manage to channel Charlie Brown with his empty mailbox on Valentine’s Day. All wanting to be included in the party, but our invitation seems to have been lost in the mail.

It can all become quite sad and overwhelming. That is when I look to the wisdom of my little three-legged black pug. He neither knows nor cares what day it is. He pays no mind to the commercials filled with beribboned luxury cars or that “Every kiss begins with Kay!” He dislikes raucous, noisy crowds. He doesn’t care for flowers. And chocolate is toxic to him. His only desire is to spend time with me — preferably on my lap or nestled next to me in bed. With every big-eyed look he gives me and contented sigh he makes, I am reminded that it is the simple things in life that are most important. He doesn’t need hoopla or presents or fancy dinners. He just needs to know that he is loved. And that, I can easily deliver…not just on the holidays, but every day.

So, I listen to the little pug and don’t worry that our holidays at home don’t live up to anyone’s expectations except his. Because, quite honestly, he is wiser than me.

One down…four more to go!