Peep-a-Palooza! 12 Peep Facts


Photo by Island Capture / CC BY

1. Peeps once had wings.

2. They were once made by hand and took over 20 hours to make – with a pastry tube!

3. Over 5 million peeps are made every day.

4. Yellow is the original color.

5. They now come in red, white, orange, red, blue, lavender pink, chocolate, green and something that looks like tan.

6. Yankee Candle makes a peep scent.

7. They will explode in the microwave if you leave them in too long…which is more than 10 seconds.

8. The eyes are made of non-toxic edible wax.

9. 1.5 billion peeps are eaten each Spring.

10. each peep is 32 calories with 0 fat grams – all sugar, baby!

11. There are over 200 peeps fan sites.

12. Peeps and Company is an online store that sells all things Peeps of course! Lots of fun peep-a-phernalia! Check them out here.

Featured photo by Josh Kenzer / CC BY


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