Nutella: the New Bacon?

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If you’ve spent any time at all perusing Pinterest, you know that this country’s obsession with Nutella just keeps growing. 

It’s almost like it’s the new bacon.

Could that be? Because we seem to love our bacon real hard.  A quick Google search turned up recipes for Nutella and bacon sandwiches, Nutella and banana sandwiches, Nutella, bacon and banana sandwiches…any number of beverages, baked goods, and even this:



Could it be?? Nutella ice cream dispensed in machines? Have we died and gone to heaven?  I don’t know. I can’t find the location of one of these fabulous things anywhere. Don’t worry – I’ll keep looking.

So Nutella. I remember getting a jar of the stuff years ago, possibly ten, from a friend who brought it over from England. I had never heard of it, but the notion of chocolate and hazelnut spread. Oh, Honey. On my toast, my waffles and pancakes, as an frosting for cupcakes, a topping for cakes, a dip for fruit…the list went on. She’d bring me this delectable treat along with a sleeve of Hob Nobs at our annual meetings. But when I realized that Nutella could be obtained here in the states…it was a liberating moment, my friends.

Nutella has been in Europe for 40 years and it was brought to the US from Italy 25 years ago. So why didn’t I know about this? It’s probably just as well. The Nutella homepage suggests we consume the food stuff in moderation as part of a breakfast which includes fruit. You know, like the sugary cereal commercials where the prop person threw an orange and on the table next to the Lucky Charms.

Now, more than ever, Nutella is the taste sensation that has captured the hearts, minds and imaginations of America. Maybe Nutella and bacon don’t have to compete. There seem to be any number of nutella covered bacon recipes. You like it spicy? There’s spicy nutella covered bacon.

chocolate covered bacon


So what’s your poison? Do you indulge in Nutella and if so, what do you like to have it on, with, or dip it in? Have you created any household favorites using it?  Let’s dish about all things Nutella!

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One response on “Nutella: the New Bacon?

  1. Lori

    Oh yeah, I do indulge in Nutella but I try to limit it. I like those little mini waffles toasted with a spread of Nutella and a dollop of whipped cream. Again….in moderation 🙂

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