November 3…celebrating adoption!

“November 3 has always been my Christmas. 39 years ago the cutest baby girl to ever arrive from Korea was placed in my arms and my heart. It seems like yesterday. Now she is 800 miles away from my arms, but will never be away from my heart. ‘Happy Anniversary’, Lin.”

That was my mum’s Facebook status update yesterday. Yes, I admit it. It made me cry. I cannot imagine any daughter loving her mum any more than I do, but then again I have always felt supremely special. My parents trudged through all of the required adoption paperwork and beaurocracy, not to mention the cost, just to have me as their only child. And for 39 years, we have celebrated that incredible day when they were handed a 6 month old infant (complete with chicken pox) at O’Hare International Airport. We haven’t marked the day with family dinners and trips to Toys ‘R Us in decades (Did I just say that? DECADES?!); but not a year has gone by that we don’t remind one another how wonderfully life-altering that moment was.

People have occasionally asked if I wonder about my birth parents. Quite frankly, no, I never have. My adoptive family gave me everything a child needed — food, shelter, clothing and love. A lot of love.

For many years, I have volunteered time, organized events and donated funds, to NYC animal shelters and rescue organizations. While many look at the animals’ faces and see sadness asking why or how could someone give them up, I see hope instead — hope that someone will want to love them for the rest of their lives. Filling out paperwork and having references checked will be viewed as a simple technicality as they will want only to provide a safe and loving home to a furry friend. The past will not matter. The future will be full of love.

Of course, my rosy outlook is surely attributed to my own experience. Nonetheless, I believe there is a loving family for every homeless child and animal.

Are you that family? Here are a few places to begin your search…





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