Mac n’ Cheese Please – 5 Gloriously Different Ways

Excuse me, what? Did I hear that right? Did you say macaroni and cheese waffles??!!

GET OUT!! No! Wait – come back! I want the recipe!

There are foods we love, and then there are other foods we love. And then if you put them together? Like omigawd!

It’s decadent to be sure, but who doesn’t want or even need a little decadence in their lives? And when dealing with kids’ finicky palettes, coming up with new and interesting ways to approach even the tried and true standbys can be a challenge.  But we’re not just talking about making food more palatable for kids. We want to switch things up for ourselves now and then. And when it comes to comfort food, what better food is there than mac n’ cheese? The classic is amazing! But what if we turned mac n’ cheese on its head and created something doubly delicious?  There’s nothing cheesy about this, my friends.

Here are some recipes that will have you oohing and aahing all together at the dinner table!


photo courtesy of serious eats 

1. Macaroni and cheese waffles. Yes sir/ma’am! And why the heck not? The recipe is courtesy of Serious Eats  and it’ll make you the star of your next brunch party.


photo courtesy of woman’s day 

2. Mac n’ Cheese Nuggets. Kids love mac n’ cheese. That’s a given. They also love nuggets. So why not put them together? Forget that Einstein dude, this is genius. Relativitively speaking? (see what I did there?) this is the e to your mc2. Whatever that means…. Let’s just say it’s that certain something added to the something that makes it really something! You following me? Here, have a bite. Oh! And can you imagine the dipping possibilities here? Discuss. Nuggets, balls, bites – however you’d like to refer to them, here’s how to make them, courtesy of


photo courtesy of steamy kitchen

3. Lobster Mac n Cheese. Oh yes I did. I went there. Because I’ve had it and I am a believer. Does the lobster get swallowed up in all the cheesy goodness? No. It comes to the party to play and it does its thing to perfection.  It may not be kosher, but if you’re going to sin, this is the way to go.

jalapeno popper


4. Macaroni and Cheese Jalepeño Poppers Wrapped In Bacon. Um. I’m kind of speechless. This is like the Big Kahuna of decadency. Where is the line and can I get in it? Like NOW. The recipe comes to us from a website who’s name also wins the prize for creativity in my pun loving book – Mental Floss.



5. Bacon Blue Burger Mac n’ Cheese. This recipe comes from a website called The Food In My Beard.  And if you can get past the title and the cartoon graphic of the guy with several different food groups hanging out in his hipster facial hair, then he’s got some pretty interesting ways to approach the mac. This one’s my favorite.

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