Hershey’s American Ban on British Cadbury Chocolate Really Takes the Biscuit

cadHello. My name is Linda. I’m a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocoholic.

It started several years ago when a friend brought me a bar or two over from England. The rich, creaminess of the chocolate was not like anything I’d ever experienced from a Hershey bar. I thought to myself that if public opinion about British cuisine was somewhat negative, (something I’ve never agreed with; I love a plate of bangers and mash) then the tea and chocolate more than makes up for it.

During our annual visits, my British friend would bring more of these fabulous bars of chocolate, along with Cadbury eggs for my boys. These were not the Cadbury eggs we’re used to here. Oh no. Packaged in a small purple egg container, each egg, the size of an actual small chicken egg, came individually wrapped in foil accompanied by a spoon to scoop out the ooey, gooey, rich, chocolatey almost mousse-y filling. A more recent configuration is the small chocolate egg covered in a sweet Smarties type of coating.

When Cadbury Dairy Milk became available here in the states, I rejoiced, as did the multitudes. At last, Americans could enjoy this mega creamy, chocolatey goodness without having to depend on our suppliers from across the pond. I became particularly enamored with the milk chocolate with roasted almonds. But the dark chocolate is equally sublime, as is the classic milk chocolate, unencumbered by additional ingredients. Although, if you enjoy being encumbered, might I suggest the fruit and nut.

That’s when my serious addiction began.

Mama’s got a serious problem: I keep a stash in my bedside table for convenient noshing while watching telly.

But the day came when Hershey’s not only became aware of “wassup”, but decided to put the kibosh on it. You see, the British stuff simply tastes better. And Hershey’s apparently won’t stand for that.

Dairy Milk Prohibition

The NY Times and Business Insider reported in late January that the Hershey Company had reached a settlement with Let’s Buy British Imports to issue a ban on imported British chocolate, citing infringement. The company, which secured the rights to make its own American version, claims they want to avoid confusion between their own chocolates and the British imports. The ban also includes the much loved British Kit Kat bar, Toffee Crisps (because the packaging is “too similar” to Reese’s Peanut Butter cups), Flakes, Yorkies (an “infringement” on the York Peppermint Patty) and Maltesers.

This, of course, is less than stellar news to American Cadbury fans who have become accustomed to a better tasting product. Why does British chocolate taste so far superior? The British version has a higher fat content, the first ingredient being milk. Aha! MILK in Dairy Milk! But here in America…you guessed it. In the land of “Do you want sugar with your sugar?”, the first ingredient is…sugar. The American version also contains preservatives.

American Cadbury fans are now stockpiling the stuff, buying up every bar they can get their chocolate covered hands on. Every time I go to the supermarket or Target, I throw a few into my cart. For safe keeping. The problem is, I eat them almost as soon as I buy them. I’ll be huge by Easter.

And my British friend? She just brought me over the huge bar you see above. One giant slab of chocolatey goodness.

What do you think of the ban? Do you buy and enjoy Cadbury chocolates, and will you be hoarding the stuff in preparation for the prohibition? Let’s kvetch about this, because I need a support group right now. 


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  1. Pam Campbell

    Hersheys ban is unconstitutional. My greatest concern is the possible closure of our small mom n pop brit/irish import stores. Many having put so many years into building to have them crushed. Join stophersheys/facebook. Add your voice.


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