Bursts of Color at the End of Summer

We loved making this cake for a private gathering on Long Island a few weeks ago and apparently we did a pretty good job:

“Not only was the cake so freaking f’ing beautiful, it tasted freaking f’in heavenly too! So many cakes are all look and no taste but not your cakes. I cannot thank you enough!!!”

Cake: Coconut

Filling: Dulce de Leche

Buttercream: Passion Fruit

Decorations: sugar paste flowers & edible lace

Size: 9″ round

Servings: 45



2 responses on “Bursts of Color at the End of Summer

  1. Kathy

    We were lucky enough to see this masterpiece in person, but sadly had to leave before it was served. Probably for the best, it would have been so sad seeing the beautiful creation cut into. I sent your link to my SIL who lives in manhattan. She is excited about going into one of her neighborhood coffee shops that carries some of your products.

    1. Lin Randolph Post author

      Awww…it’s always difficult to watch one of our creations disassembled, but the joy of watching folks’ faces light up when they TASTE the deliciousness makes it all worth it!

      Thanks so much for helping to spread the word! Please let us know what treats your SIL tries 🙂

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