Who We Are

Lin Randolph, Head Baker

Lin began experimenting in the kitchen at age 5. Green tinted, mint flavored, scrambled eggs, anyone? However, it was during college when her love of baking led her to begin what would become a holiday tradition. Baking thousands of cookies, cakes, and candies, every winter and shipping them to folks throughout the country, her sweet packages became a much anticipated part of the holiday for many. Twenty years later, with the support and encouragement of family and friends, she decided it was time to follow her heart and bake for a living.

Lin currently lives in Manhattan with her three-legged pug, Lenny, where they are the Organizers of The New York City Pug Meetup Group in their spare time. In 2006, Animal Haven presented them with the Florence Brenner Award honoring their commitment to helping homeless animals. They were also profiled in the August 2009 issue of “Ladies Home Journal” and two years later their dedication was lauded in “The New York Post” on May 13, 2012. Most recently, Lenny was named “NYC’s Top Dog for 2013″ for the duo’s continuing efforts.

Lin loves all food and believes there is a time and place for everything. Her passion for cooking has led her to a daily diet of all things homemade from scratch, but thoroughly enjoys the experience of eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie for dinner. She is lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive and allergic to alcohol, but can’t seem to totally give up cheese, ice cream and pasta. She also has an extreme love for French fries and you know you’re part of her “inner circle” if she willingly shares! Poutine may be her last meal of choice.


Stan Smulewitz, Sales Manager

Stan brings 30+ years of experience in the food industry to Alecia Bakery NYC. He has been instrumental in the development, distribution, and marketing, of products such as R.W. Frookie®, Simpson Salsa and “Dirty”® Potato Chips. He has consulted on many restaurant business plans which proved to be very successful and ranked highly in their reviews, giving validity to Stan’s beliefs in their development. Being a strong supporter of entrepreneurship, he consults with many young, talented artisans, lending his rich knowledge to help them develop business plans while increasing sales and distribution. Having had success with many high end products, Stan is extremely excited about the quality and diversity of the Alecia Bakery NYC product line.

Stan is a supporter of animal adoption and proudly refers to his two rescued greyhounds as “the kids.”

Linda Roy

Linda Roy, Blog Editor

Linda writes the humor blog elleroy was here, a mix of humor, music and cocktails, because let’s face it – life kind of requires all three. She’s also Managing Partner and Editor in Chief at Lefty Pop, was featured at Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop and was named a BlogHer Voice Of the Year 2014.Linda lives in New Jersey with her husband, two boys, three pugs and a cat, and fronts the Indie Americana band Jehova Waitresses. She and Lin are kindred spirits, as they are both passionate about all things pug! Linda and her three pugs met Lin and her adorable pug, Lenny, as members of The NYC Pug Meetup Group.

As long as there’s humor, baked treats and pugs, Linda is all in.


Robyn Jacobs, Graphic Designer

With a degree in Advertising, Marketing, Art and Design, Robyn has been an Art Director and Graphic Designer for 25 years. Alecia Bakery NYC is incredibly fortunate to have her immense talents and creative eye as part of the team!

Robyn is an enthusiastic lifelong learner who always strives to be at the head of the class. Creating original designs for Swarovski crystal, her work has been featured on the runway of Pet Fashion Week. Continuing her education through Pantone color theory seminars, she has also learned to communicate with color.

Robyn lives in New Jersey with her Chinese crested dog, Ursula. The pair of lovely ladies met Lin and her pug, Lenny, during Lenny’s 1st Annual Birthday Benefit for Animal Haven in 2006. They have been fast friends ever since.

Robyn may or may not get paid in bacon toffee!

Curious Light

Nadine Gilden/Curious Light – Online Business Consultant

Nadine is a seasoned website designer, with more than 18 years experience. She started her web career at Time Warner as a design manager, leading a staff of 12 in the development of an online shopping mall. She then worked for a small online direct marketing developing micro sites for various products. She launched her own design/development company Curious Light in 1998 and has since served a countless number of clients. As the popularity of WordPress has continued to grow, Nadine has concentrated her efforts into building sites that fully utilize its potential.

Nadine’s other passion project is Pugnacious Gifts, because, yes, she is another one obsessed with pugs! Her pug Pixel is her muse!


Jim Schmitt, Illustrator

As an art school graduate and Art Director/Illustrator for over 25 years, Jim Schmitt rounds out the Alecia Bakery NYC™ design team. Having created and implemented design concepts in couture fashion to healthcare, sports to pharma and home furnishings to canine accessories, his phenomenal talent is palatable. With a resume filled with names such as Disney, Harley Davidson, MLB and Panasonic, Jim brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience with a wide array of industries and an ability to successfully work with clients to transform their ideas into fully conceptualized end products.

Jim met Lin in 2007 and the two friends have shared many a laugh over the years. Their most memorable moment to date was when Sally Field photobombed them during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2012.

If you find that your Alecia Bakery NYC™ pumpkin caramels have gone missing, you may want to check Jim’s pockets.


Cathy Pecoraro, Bakery Assistant

Muffin, Cupcake, Cookie, Munchkin…..actually these are the names of a few of the stray cats Cathy adopted growing up. Cathy has been an animal rescuer and food lover since she was little.

Baking is in Cathy’s blood…at least that’s what her Mom always says.

Cathy’s paternal great-grandfather came to America from Italy as a child and eventually opened a bread bakery that was family owned and run for nearly 80 years. From the time she could reach the customer counter, Cathy helped make and sell bread. Her maternal grandfather also owned and worked in bakeries, crafting lovingly decorated cakes and baked goods for years. It’s no wonder Cathy’s love of food and baking has grown over the years; and she joyously anticipates cooking and baking for family, friends and co-workers, whenever she can.

Having been back-up support at Alecia Bakery NYC since it was established in the autumn of 2011, Cathy is inspired by Lin’s passion, attention to detail, dedication to quality and commitment to animal rescue causes. Cathy respects Lin and her philosophies and is excited to be a part of the Alecia Bakery NYC team.