Alecia Bakery NYC is a chef-owned and operated neighborhood bakery creating sweets and savories to satisfy every craving.

From their meager beginnings supplying just two small shops — one in New York City’s East Village and the other on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, Alecia Bakery NYC has steadily grown in response to customer demand. In the Summer of 2014, a new website was designed and built to address their consumer’s growing desire to ship fresh treats across the country.

Alecia Bakery NYC’s line of brownies, blondies, cookies, cakes, tarts, confections and much in demand naturally gluten free and plant based (vegan friendly) treat lines, are sought out by fans across the country not only for their quality, but also to support the company’s philanthropic endeavors.

The bakery was founded in 2011. Struggling to make ends meet, Lin Randolph turned to her passion for edible creations to quell her anxieties. Bringing the treats she made every weekend to her co-workers put smiles on everyone’s faces. Stan Smulewitz, then Lin’s co-worker,  took notice and suggested that she begin to sell her treats.  Lin began baking out of a shared commercial kitchen and Stan sold the freshly baked treats to local NYC markets, cafes and espresso bars.

No matter how much the company grows, Lin refuses to lower her standards. She believes honesty, hard work and giving back to the community, are the cornerstones of all good businesses and strives to set an example by maintaining a high level of integrity in both her work practices and personal life.